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Monday, 5 August 2013


Pakshipathalam is situated in the Brahmagiri Hills, at an altitude of 1740 m above sea level. Located at a distance of 7 km from Thirunelli, as the name itself suggests the affluence of birdlife, Pakshipathalam is a home to several species of birds. Its awe-inspiring features of untouched forests, streams and steep hills together offer a challenging as well as adventurous venue for trekking. One of its major tourist attractions is a cave which is believed to have been used for medical purpose by the saints in the ancient times. Bats seem to be the main inhabitants of this cave and one other species of birds known as ‘Edible Nest Swift’ which built their nest with their saliva is found in this cave. The adventurous part of this cave is that you will have to trek through the dense forest for about 8 km which is about 3 hrs, to reach this cave. There are also many other Locations in kerala to visit. for Kerala packages, visit: