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Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Lokanarkavu Temple
Lokanarkavu is located in the Calicut district of ‘gods own country’ Kerala. The name is derived from ‘Lokamalayarkavu’ which means lokam (world), made of mala (mountain), aaru (river), and kavu (grove). Thus meaning a world made up of mountain, river and groves. It is one of the irremovable strings in the daring and classic history of Kerala which was once home for the legendary heroes of Northern serenade like: Thacholi Meppayil Kunjhu Othenan, Thacholi Ambu, Unniyarcha and many others.

Prime Attractions in Lokanarkavu: Lokanarkavu is popular for Lokanarkavu temple and is dedicated to goddess Durga having adjacent idol of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. same as the Festivals of these regions are also famous. For More Festivals in Kerala, follow: http://www.keralatourismpackages.co.in/festivals.html

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