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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Ayyappancoil A Pristine Beauty with Its Shrouded Mystery


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Located at the Idduki district of Kerala a small village lived by a tribe of manna is a small village which is famous for its mysterious history as the local people here believe that they are a predecessor of a warrior tribe who were migrated at the time of war of Chera chola of Tamil nadu.

The people here discover a civilization by them but later on with the process of time gradually disappeared to Kozhimala.

Today a village in renowned for its hanging bridge which is located near the Periyar river and act as a communicator between Ayyappancoil Grama panchayat and Kanchiyar Grama panchayat  as the main way.

The main attraction of the village or rather says pristine village is a suspension bridge which seems to attract the tourist from a million miles though far may be but it is well connected with the banks of Periyar which provides all the necessary ingredients to run the lively hood of the local people here.

Lived by a tribe in its days the shrouded mystery of the tribe of manna’s are still not well illustrated but the people here are of saying that the stone of their god were submerged along with the flow of water which in time was considered as holy shrine for the tribe and has a written inscription which is still not well identified and understood but the stone of temple as believe was an address of a tribal god manna.

As per the history and the present scenario these are amongst those two tribes who still have the kings and minister and under their decorum everything is done and followed.

Tribes of Ayyappancoil are amongst those who led the start of their civilization at the banks of Periyar with the remains of their ancestor.

Embrace by the nature at the gods own country its vegetation and fauna are a noted feature a hue of green near the banks of Periyar it’s an amazing village with a prolific history which is yet to be understood as the inscription which was found failed to reveal the require fact that left us with no clue but to aspire a beauty of its green valley.

As a growing hill station tourist sees take their personnel interest to explore an exotic beauty of an upcoming hilly area its natural vegetation like that of tea plantation and coffee plantation is amazing to see in a far side district of Idduki of Kerala.

Come here to enjoy the rarest of adventure sports and get lost into a depth of water and allow yourself a time to understand a gentle history of the people there and their existence.

The weather here is amazing a cool breeze here is so gentle and soothing one would go mad about the beauty from the south and what makes this place amazing is its map to arrive here means 50% of your expectation is fulfilled and the left 50% you can cash in by enjoying the beauty of the nearby attraction such as Periyar Tiger Reserve, Arch Dam, Enchanting hills and much more.
Ref: thehindu

Check Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1sPq7L44FE

Nearest Railway Station: Kottayam (4 hrs, 86.6km)
 Nearest Airport: Nedumbaserry, Cochin(5 hrs,130km)

 Nearest Bus Station: Kattappana(20min, 13km) and Kumily(2hrs, 35 km)

 Nearest Towns
:  Kattappana and Kumily

Nearest tourist places 
Idukki Dam

 Address : ayyappancoil , kattappana , idukki , Kerala . PIN- 685507 

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